Digital Tools

Google Suite

This collection of tools includes Docs, Slides, Gmail, Meet, and more. G Suite for Education offers powerful collaboration and communication tools that help faculty, students, and administrators be more successful.

Pear Deck

An interactive presentation tool, Pear Deck links with teachers Google account, allowing them to craft powerful and engaging slide decks. Students log into the 'deck' using a unique access code and their gmail account. During the presentation, teachers can view both the slides they create and every students' answers in real time.


Kami is a Chrome Extension that allows for annotating on pdf's in the Chrome browser. It is the best solution when faced with a graphics-heavy pdf that you would like students to type on.


This platform allows teachers to create and moderate video discussion and reflections. Each 'grid' works like a message board where the teacher can pose a question and students can post a video response.


This Chrome extension helps you record your screen to give feedback, explain a topic, or give directions.


The Seesaw app engages students in video/audio/image/drawing creation in response to teacher-moderated assignments, and creates a digital portfolio that is easy to share with parents. The current focus for Seesaw in APS is for our P-2 staff and students.