Master the Screencast

Instructor: Nefertiti Dukes

Length: 60 minutes

Learn the basics of Screencastify and some popular ways to use video with students, colleagues, and parents.


  • Work through the video lessons.

  • Create your own screencast.

  • Pass the end-of-course quiz with at least 18/20 questions correct, along with submitting the link to your screencast.


  1. Getting Started. 4 videos, 16 mins.
    Get familiar with Screencastify's main features - recording, editing and sharing videos.

  1. Create Videos for Students. 4 videos, 18 mins.
    We’ll highlight some of the ways you can use Screencastify to instruct and engage your students.

  2. Students as Content Creators! 4 videos, 7 mins.
    Learn how students can leverage the power of video to explain their thinking and harness their own voice.

  3. Connect with Your Colleagues. 2 videos, 6 mins.
    A few examples of how you can use video to stay connected to the other educators at your school or across the district.

  4. Create Videos for Parents. 3 videos, 8 mins.
    We’ll discuss how to keep parents informed and engaged with video.