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Need Personalized Human Help?

Email the APS help desk -

Or, call the APS help desk 303-340-0520, ext. 28203 and leave a message.

💥PLEASE: When using the help desk email (using the link above) or leaving a help desk voicemail, please include the name of your child, grade, school, and your call back number in addition to your question. If you have issues with your child's Chromebook and need it replaced, please contact your child's school.

💥Use Your Own Computer For Instruction💥

  1. Download and install Google Chrome on your home computer (Not needed if you checked out APS chromebook)

  2. Video tutorial on signing in to your Chrome account

💥How To Turn On And Sign In To An APS Chromebook💥

View the help sheet for step-by-step instructions

NOTE: if using APS chromebook, add yourself (the student) and sign on using your Google email address and password. If you are using a personal device, be sure you are using a Chrome browser and that you have created a Chrome account for your Google account. To see how to set this up, see the links above.

What Is My Child's Google Username & Password?

You can find your child's Google username and password in Infinite Campus - Learn more here.

Also, your school's secretary and child's teacher can get you the username and password, too. Please email them. You can find staff emails on your child's school website. See school websites here.

Go To & Log In To Clever

Use this link to get to APS Clever: - Use the student's Google username and password if prompted.

Video - Logging into Clever from Home Computer

Help Sheets in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Oromo, Somali, Vietnamese

P-5 students will be issued Clever "badges" that have a QR code they can use to sign in to Clever using the camera on their computer as an alternative to typing in their username and password. Teachers will email your student's QR code to you. Here's a video showing how to sign in using the Clever Badge.

How Students Join Their Teacher's Google Classroom

Here is a cheat sheet that shows how your child will join their teacher's classroom and how classroom is set up.

Video Tutorial on helping your child join a Google Classroom

How To Use Google Meet

Google Meet is a tool that your child's teacher will use to to video call them. - Learn more about it here. Google Chat can be utilized for text conversations. See how here.

Parents can use Google Meet or Google Chat to communicate with your child's teacher, too. Both can be used both on a computer and on a phone so parents and teachers can chat and video call. It is recommended to download and install the Google Meet and Chat apps for your iPhone or Android device for even easier and convenient school communication.

Getting Started With Sora eBooks

Click here for a helpsheet on getting started with Sora, or click here for video instructions

Comcast Internet Essentials

Help video for walking through the installation process