Flipgrid Models

Why Flipgrid?

Now that we are in a remote learning environment, it is imperative to connect with your students via video. Flipgrid offers just that for free. Take an in person assignment and turn it into a recorded video assignment with your students. The settings in Flipgrid allow the teacher to share this amongst class (or even parents) or just have videos be turned in directly to them. There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to Flipgrid.

Model 1: Secondary Socratic Seminar

Middle/High School Social Studies- Debate topics. Whereas we may have debates in person via a socratic seminar. Instead, you can post your discussion questions in Flipgrid and have students record their response. Once they've recorded their responses, their classmates will have the opportunity to respond to them with another recording. All of the videos are organized so it becomes easily navigable. The best part is everyone gets to have their opinion stated, that's not always the case in a timed face to face debate.

Click Here to see what this looks like in practice! Example Social Studies Topic

Model 2- Any Level math course

Teachers rely on modeling math problems in a stationary classroom. In this example, Math can be shown to be everywhere. This teacher shows how to visualize math in ALL of their surroundings and asks students to do the same. This is a great example of how to make real world connections in math with your students.

Click here to see what this looks like in practice! Example Math Lesson

Model 3: ELD course

ELD student can benefit a great deal from using Flipgrid with some of the built accessibility features that it provides, such as text to speech, and much more! In this model, the teacher uses a clip from a Disney movie to help get kids to engage around a certain vocabulary word. They also were able to provide some scaffolding with regard to what "character traits" are defined as.

Click here to see what this looks like in practice! Example ELD assignment