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Models of Google Classroom

On this page, you will find videos created by APS teachers describing their Google Classroom set-up and strategy. We have divided them out by grade level, but that shouldn't be taken as a definitive for all teachers at a particular grade level or content. Browse through the videos, and take what you like from any of them to build your own Classroom.

Elementary Models


Paulina Mucha - Side Creek

1st Grade

Erin Carter - Vassar

3rd Grade

Candice Grimm - Virginia Court

3rd Grade Team

Steffany Lyddon - Vaughn

3rd Grade Team

Johnnie Lacey - Arkansas

4th Grade

Nancy Taphorn - Vassar

4th Grade

Kristine Martens - Iowa

4th Grade

Melody Rodriguez - Iowa

5th Grade

Traci Thielen - Iowa

5th Grade Literacy Block

Ashleigh Lacey - Arkansas

5th Grade - Remote

Julie Williams - Lansing

5th Grade

Becky Mccallum - Dalton

5th Grade

Nicole Sawick - Virginia Court

5th Grade Summer

Nicole Sawick - Virginia Court

5th Grade

Nolan Urban - Peoria

Specials - Tech

Jennifer Colquhoun - Quest K-8

Specials - STEM

Stella Cypher - Virginia Court

Middle School Models

6th Grade - Lit

Tracey Harbinson - Murphy Creek K-8

7th Grade - Math

Kari Kusek - Columbia


Shannon Brown - South MS


Kristin Tousley - Edna & John Mosley PK-8

High School Models

Science - Grade 10

Anna Pierce - Rangeview

Social Studies - Multiple

Stephanie Walsh - Rangeview

Science - Grade 9

Emily Brady - Rangeview

ELA & ELD - Multiple Grades

Joe Dillon - Gateway

Ed Tech Coach Models

HS Math
HS Literacy
Middle School Model
Video walkthrough of Elementary Google Classroom.webm
PK - 5 Model
How to Make a Copy From a Model Google Classroom