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Getting Started With Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a Learning Management System that allows teachers to share links, documents, and communications with their students. The first few videos on this page are about setting up your Google Classroom. About halfway down, you'll find videos on how to use Google Classroom. If you would like to watch a longer overview of Google Classroom, there is a summary video at the very bottom of this page.

Prefer Help Sheets to videos? Google Classroom "Cheat Sheet"

How to Create a Google Classroom

Setting up your first Google Classroom? Start here.

How to create a google classroom.webm

Adjusting Your Settings in Google Classroom

After you create your classroom, you can change the theme and adjust settings like how your stream appears, what email notifications you get, etc. See how in this video.

How to Add Your Students to a Google Classroom

This quick video looks at how to add students to your classroom so that students can log into classroom and accept the invitation. If you would prefer to email your students a code, you can bulk email your students from Infinite Campus. here is a help sheet to walk you through those steps. Emailing Students and/or Parent-Guardians from IC

How to manually add students to google Classroom.webm

Using Infinite Campus to Bulk Invite Students to Google Classroom

Particularly handy for secondary teachers with 5 - 6 Google Classrooms and 180+ students. Helpsheet for Getting Google Usernames in Bulk

How Students Accept the Invitation to Join a Classroom

Students can accept an invitation to join a Google Classroom two ways: via email, or from Google Classroom itself.

Students accepting google classroom invitation.webm
vie email
via Google Classroom environment

Using Google Classroom

Posting Your Daily Connection Meeting in Classroom

Creating an Assignment

Asking a Question to the Class


Parent-Guardian Notifications

Parents and Guardians can receive an automatic summary email of their student's progress and upcoming work. Here's how to set that up.

Parent communication Google Classroom.webm

Creating a Quiz for Your Students Inside of Google Classroom

Sharing a Link to a Specific Assignment

Sometimes a student can't find a particular assignment. While we are working remotely and you can't just walk over to their desk and help them, sharing a link to the assignment via a hangout chat or email can be super-helpful. Here's how to do that.

Grading in Google Classroom

Grading Student Work Inside of Classroom
Google Classroom grading.webm
Entering Grades into Google Classroom

Using Google Rubrics

Google Rubrics.webm

Comprehensive Google Classroom Overview (25min)

Google Classroom Walkthrough.webm