PDF & Document Annotation App

Getting Started With Kami

Kami is a Chrome Extension that allows for annotating on pdf's in the Chrome browser. It is the best solution when faced with a graphics-heavy pdf that you would like students to type on.

Kami is easy to use and easy to install. If you don't yet have the extension, you can install it here: Kami Extension

Below are some tutorial videos to help you get started.

Introduction to Kami - Installing and Using

Annotating and Assigning PDF's Through Google Classroom

Student View in Google Classroom Using Kami

Full Video: Installing, Using, and Assigning PDF documents using Kami

Parts 1, 2, & 3 from above if you would prefer to watch the full overview in one video.

Student Video: Installing and Using Kami

Video for students with instructions on installing and using Kami inside of Google Classroom. This video is also linked on the Student pages on this website.

Google Slide Presentation with Screenshots

Kami Tutorial