9-12 Student

Responsibilities, Resources, & Support

Your Responsibilities

If You Use Your Own Computer For Instruction

Download and install Google Chrome on your home computer (Not needed if you checked out APS chromebook)

Video tutorial on syncing your Chrome account

How To Turn On And Sign In To An APS Chromebook

View the help sheet for step-by-step instructions

NOTE: If using an APS chromebook, add yourself (the student) and sign on using your @aurorak12.org Google email address and password. If using your own device, use a Chrome browser and create a Chrome account fro your aurorak12.org Google account. See the video linked above to learn how.

Use Clever To Access Everything

Go to Clever Portal now!

Video - How to sign in to Clever using your Google email and password

Help Sheets in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Oromo, Somali, Vietnamese

Understand Your Schedule

Your school will have a schedule for you to follow during online learning. You can find your school's schedule here: APS School Websites
Be sure that you follow the schedule and attend all of your classes! Each of your teachers will have a Google Classroom where they will post videos, lessons, assignments, and other learning opportunities.

Join Your Teacher's Google Classroom

How to Join Your Teacher's Google Classroom.

Google Classroom cheat sheet showing how to join your teacher's classroom and how classroom is set up.

All instruction will originate in your Teacher's Google Classroom. Log into each class to join your video Meets, access your lessons, and turn in your work.

Read At Least 30 Minutes Daily

Read a book, website, or check out and read/listen to an eBook through the APS ebook and audiobook library Sora found in your Clever portal. Read on your smart phone!

Click here for a helpsheet on getting started with Sora, or click here for video instructions

Connect With Your Teacher Daily

Your teacher will provide times during the day for you to chat and/or video with them using Google Meet. They will post the link to join in your Google Classroom.

How to use Chat and Meet - Google Meet etiquette

Support For English Language Learners

Your Chrome browser has the Google Translate extension on it. Use it to translate almost all webpages! Watch this video to learn how.

Ask Your Teacher For Help

Email or use Google Chat to contact your teacher and ask for help.

Academic Integrity - Code of Conduct Expectations

Aurora Public Schools takes academic integrity very seriously and expects a full commitment to it from each student. Students participating in our emergency remote learning plan are agreeing to the following statements:

  • I will not submit work completed by or copied (in full or in part) from another person . This includes classmates, friends, parents/guardians, siblings, etc.

  • I will not submit work copied (in full or in part) and pasted from the Internet. This includes exact sentences, paragraphs, videos, logos, images, templates, etc.

  • I will not submit work that reflects the ideas of another person, regardless of whether or not I use the other person’s exact words.

  • I will work independently on all assignments.

  • I will not allow others to copy my work.

  • I will not misuse content from the Internet.

  • I will not use translators to complete assignments in world language classes.

  • I will not use any external materials or testing aids on assessments.

  • I will properly punctuate and cite all ideas from others I wish to use to support my own ideas.

  • I will contact my teachers for help in avoiding plagiarism.

Behavioral Integrity Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Aurora Public Schools takes behavioral integrity very seriously and expects a full commitment to it from each student. Students participating in our remote learning plan are agreeing to the following statements:

  • I will actively participate in all online platforms while honoring my classmates’ voices, experiences and situations.

  • I commit to being present in live meetings and doing my best to eliminate all distractions.

  • I will abide by the virtual classroom expectations set by the teacher.

  • I will refrain from using inappropriate, offensive or abusive language in my speech, writing or images I share on my electronic device.

  • I will not display inappropriate, offensive or abusive material on my device screen.

  • I will wear clothing that follows the expectations set in the Safe Schools Policies and Regulations Handbook while my webcam/camera is in use for remote learning activities.

  • I will not be involved in cyberbullying as defined in the Safe Schools Policies and Regulations Handbook.

  • I will only visit school approved internet sites.

  • I will not give out my personal information to anyone.

  • I will inform my teacher if I see something inappropriate or uncomfortable online.

  • I will not change device settings without permission.

  • I will not use someone else's credentials to log on or log on as someone else.

  • I will not share the passwords or links that are provided for Google Classroom, Google Meet or Google Hangouts, unless I have permission from my teacher to do so.

  • I will not post any educational materials including class videos, documents, and other multimedia to social media without permission from my teacher.

Behavior that violates our district conduct and discipline codes can result in consequences. Some violations may also be referred to law enforcement.

Consequences can include but are not limited to:

(09) Detrimental Behavior: Harassment - Sexual, Discriminatory, Bullying/Cyberbullying, Sexting

(12) Other Violation of Code of Conduct - Cell Phone/Electronic misuse, Computer/Internet misuse

Mental Health Support

For students:

  • Call any time Colorado Crisis Services anytime at 844-493-TALK (8255), or text “Talk” to 38255. This service is available 24/7 year-round. If this is an emergency please dial 911.

  • The walk-in clinic is available between 8:00am and 11:00pm daily at Anschutz Medical Campus 2206 Victor Street, Aurora, CO 80045

  • On and after March 30, between 8:00am and 3:30pm you can contact your student’s school counselor, social worker, or psychologist through Google Chat.